Friday, July 6, 2012

Drawing on cups...

I love pinterest! Even more so, I enjoy actually puting projects that I pin into life. Today I decided to use this tutorial, that has been on my board for a while now and paint the 6 cup set that we were given as a home warming gift a long time ago.
At first I only painted 3 and baked them to see how it would turn out...

Then, I liked the result, and while drinking tea and catching up with my bff Marsel, I drew 3 more.

I will bake them tomorrow, because with baking more plyushkas and other things, our house is getting kind of hot.
I think I got myself addicted to this. It is super easy and I want to make more now. I just might go to Walmart tomorrow and get a couple of white dishes to draw on!


  1. это рисуется обычным маркером или каким-то специальным?

  2. obichnim, a potom zapekaetsya pri 350'F 30 minut. Ih tol'ko v posudomoichnoi nel'zya mit', a tak pod kranom pojalusto. :)

  3. I love how the cups look! So sweet and your style. Nice job!