Friday, July 6, 2012


As I promissed myself before, since I was cut off from blogging during my 10 days in Ukraine, I am going to slowly, one thing at a time, make my way through documenting what happened then...
Today I want to write about my friend Natasha.

We go way back, she is a childhood friend of mine. I use to take music lessons from her mom, and she would take English lessons with me from my grandpa.She is one of a few people, besides my family of course, who I make sure I see every time I come to Ukraine.
We went through so much together. At some point in our lives we took different directions, and to my dismay and disappointment, lost connection. I mean, we still communicated, but I don't think we understood each other. I changed, she did as well, and the biggest change for us was being thousands of miles apart.
Last year when Jenya and I visited the Ukraine together, I left disappointed in the way Natasha and I connected, or more like did not connect at all.
This year, I was definitely going to meet with her, there was no question about it, but seeing how we grew apart more and more each year, my hopes were down. Oh how surprised I was, how happy I was to be wrong! We are back together, I understand this now. We are on the same wave, we understand each other again. It was so nice to not argue, but instead say: "oh yes, I know exactly what you are talking about!"

Of course we are still different people, but overall our minds and souls are looking the same direction now. We share interests, dreams, and hopes for the future again, we understand how each other feels.
Oh, how I dreamt of crafting with a good friend, little did I know that I would be able to with Natasha. One evening we set at her house, crocheted and watched "Up" while drinking tea, what could be better? Another day we set in an apple garden, on the grass enjoying the sun, the grass, the bugs, and each other. (I am going to tell more about this later, in another post...)

I am so glad that Natasha found God, I am sure she will be a good wife and an amazing mother. Looking at her play with her nieces makes me a bit jealous of how well she handles little ones...

On the train station, just about to leave for at least another year, I imagined how great it would be if she could leave with me, if I could see her more often. But then again, maybe that is all part of the bigger picture, she is my Ukrainian friend, part of my past that I can take with me through life.

To have a good friend is definitely a blessing, and I have been generously blessed!

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  1. В дружбе тоже есть свои испытания)
    Дорожу тобой и нашей уже столько долгой дружбой!)
    Это замечательно, когда понимаешь, что где-то на другом краю света есть родная душа, это придает сил и радости в жизни!)