Friday, July 27, 2012

The good times...

I was looking through some old photos and couldn't help, but smile. All the moments of careless happiness and fun warm my heart. I feel like even two years ago I was more innocent in life in general. I feel like when my school started almost a year ago, all that responsibility, stress, studying, learning, physical exhaustion made me stronger, but also older. I am not even sure now if I can have that kind of fun.
Maybe it is because I just completed my first week of summer semester and my mouth is sore from getting 13 injections in one day, and I am so tiered mentally and physically. There is something about those blue scrubs that gives me the blues. I should snap out of it though, because I am obviously blessed to have this opportunity in life, and it is for the better and easier future. "Just one more year!" - I will keep telling myself!
For now... here are a couple of photos that make me smile...

I think all of these are taken by my friend Marsel (thank you for all the grate photos you took in our lives!)


  1. не могу даже представить, как тебе настраиваться на год учения, но ты умница и всё у тебя получиться!!!Пускай Господь тебе помогает! Скучаю, Наська =*

  2. How do I see your blog roll? The pictures are so amazing!

  3. Я тоже скучаю, Наташенька! Мне тебя не хватает ! Спасибо за потдержку!

  4. Sonya, I will make a list of blogs I follow... i'm not exactly sure how yiu can see it otherwise.

  5. Isn’t it amazing how some hard days give us strong filling enjoinment of happy days? Think about what a joy will be when you’ll overcome the challenge and accomplish your goal. We will celebrate it a BIG TIME!!! My bet!!!