Saturday, July 14, 2012

Sweets + Rain

Today Jenya and I both worked in the store. It is was his first day of work after the surgery and we were busy! Between answering phone calls, and talking to the customers, and writing up invoices, we somehow decided to go camping just for one night to the mountains. We wanted to take hot dogs and s'mores and stakes and vegetables, sit around the fire at night, look at the stars that we can't see in the city, and then hug and sleep in the tent, wake up in the morning, go hike, and then come home. What a great plan, I think! But we found out that it was suppose to rain tonight, and not just rain, they were saying thunder and flood. What a bummer, and it didn't even look like it. We almost went anyways, except it turned out I had to do a lot of studying for my online class. Yep, school doesn't let go even during the summer. So we decided to reschedule our little trip to next weekend, take a trip to the Trader Joe's instead, buy some yummies, and stay at home. Well... it did rain alright! All of a sudden it all became dark, and there was thunder and flood and everything they promised!

My funny brother posted on his facebook page: "took a picture of the rain on my window.. was gonna post it in instagram.. saw 15 other pictures of wet windows.. changed my mind.. lol oh Vegas." Yes, rain is a big deal in Vegas, especially with thunder...
Well, on a bright side, we like the rain, my husband and I ran out of the house and were running around in pajamas and barefoot, getting all wet. I was taking pictures of course and he decided to pick up mail - excuses to walk under the rain, you know.

Also we ate a lot of yummy sweets - lemon cookies and fruits in chocolate from Trader Joe's - with hot tea, while listening to the above mentioned thunder, what can be better?

 A-a-and, I finally tried making chocolate covered frozen bananas. I had my first one ever this week in the Disney Land and fell in love. Figured they shouldn't be too hard to make... They are not completely frozen yet, and I already ate half of them, they are so-o-o-o good! 
<Isn't it amazing what a great place a freezer turned out to be for photo taking? The light is just perfect, I didn't even edit the photo... I just might use this place now to take photos of items that don't belong in there...>

I actually extra like this post for some reason... As I am writing this the rain is over, my husband is washing the dishes (he just made pita bread that is quite yummy!), it smells like fried doe in here... This post will always remind me how I don't need to be somewhere special to actually have fun - all I need is my hubby close to me and home is always sweet home!
Now I am off to post my photos on instagram - no windows with drops of rain this time, hA!


  1. Can you please change the print style. It's too hard to read... :(

  2. But I like it... It looks as though I'm hand writing it in a note book or something... I'll think about it... :)

  3. да, шрифт очень неудобен в чтении.))

  4. Ok ok, I changed it... :) hope that helps....