Friday, July 13, 2012

A Little Adventure - Disney Land

Disney Land - what an amazingly fun place! Every ride is fun, everywhere music, parades, fireworks, laughter, Mickey Mouse ears... We had a blast, by the end of it all I was exausted, but happy.
As I said before, this was an opportunity to make memories, and oh how happy I am that I took it! Memories sure were made and no doubt that this will stay in my good memories bank for ever.
I was imagining how I would take my kids to this place some day... I would imagine their thrill, and where we would go, and what memories we would make together with my husband and my future kids. I read about it a lot, but it is different when you experience it in your own life - how astonishing it is to think that I have my own family now, and it will soon grow, and we will have our own history together. 
However I now know I will wait till my kids are at least five or so... If I will have enough patience that is...
I really don't know how else to describe this experience, it was too much, too fun, too fast...But as always the photos help me out and hopefully tell their own story.

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  1. What such a happy time!!!! Whan about these poore kids, overwhelmed by too much of Mikcy? :)