Saturday, July 7, 2012

Molly and Klara

While we were away, my parents got two goats. Never thought they would, but I don't blame them - these two are so sweet! They are still little, so my parents have to feed them milk.

Molly is the friendly one, she would sit there with you all day if you pat her! What a sweet little blue eyed face she's got!

On another topic, I have good and bad news and I will start with the bad. I got sick with soar throat and running nose and headache. But I will be OK soon, I try not to concentrate on  that too much. The good news are - I am going with my mommy and daddy to Disney Land! What can I say - wooooohoooo!!! So excited, we are leaving this Monday and coming back Wednesday, I am so giddy! The only thing is, my Jenya can't come... But we won't be apart for too long, I hope it will be OK...

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