Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas morning

Every Christmas morning Jenya and I come to mom and dad's house to open presents all together. This year was no different. I sipped on mom's great coffee, as we one by one ran to the tree to grab a present and open it. This is one of my favorite parts of the whole year! It is cozy and warm, and so much fun!
I got everything I could hope for and more - my hubby got me a hard drive to back up the thousands of photos I have and a new car remote, my brother gave me a gift certificate to a miniature store and an easel, my parents gave me that polaroid camera I have put on my wish list, a pink bike (that I drove before, but now it's mine), an adapter to transfer photos from my camera to my ipad - all are such thoughtful and amazing gifts! Now I can take instant photos, blog on the go using photos from my camera, sleep well knowing that three years of photos are going to be safe, and start learning to draw! Thank you everyone! I am so blessed!
After we opened our presents my dad made us waffles with his new waffle maker and we stuffed ourselves with all kinds of good food. After, we watched Home Alone and spent more quality family time together! I love Christmas so much and am so happy that we are able to gather with the family to celebrate!


  1. Oh wow, I am excited for all your nice gifts! I hope to see your new camera, the easel and really want to try the coffee made by that new coffee machine!

  2. I'm greatful to God for each day spent like this. I pray we will have many more of them.

  3. С Рождеством, Настюша тебя и твоих близких!)Это действительно одно из самых волшебных мнгновений в году)