Thursday, December 27, 2012

Kitchen renovation (miniature)

As I have mentioned before, my brother gave me a gift certificate to one of my favorite miniature online stores. Naturally I started looking through endless pages of items I could purchase for my lovely vintage miniature house that I talked about long time ago here, here, and here... It has been a while since I worked on it due to the fact that this hobby of mine requires somewhat big funds which I am reluctant to spend at the moment. So due to the lack of inspiration, I failed to look into even those items that I could make myself.
I usually need a little push to start doing something, especially on a project this big.
Since there are so many things undone in that little house of mine, I had a big choice of directions to take. My first pick was to invest my gift into a lighting kit for the house, but after an extensive research and consulting with my husband, I figured out that it is not that expensive and is not all that simple.
Next direction I was going to take is to buy a kitchen, simply because I found out that I have to work my way from the bottom floor up to arrange the lighting correctly, and the kitchen happens to be on the bottom floor. To my surprise I came to find out that the set of ugly yellow kitchen cabinets that were missing a few doors and needed some love, that came with the house were starting from $45 new, which made me reconsider throwing them away and taking another look at them. When I did, I decided that if I paint them white with black counter tops and replace the faucet and the burners on the gas range, and paint all the appliances stainless steel, they just might work.
So I ordered those parts and began working on what I already have. Here is my plan...

The work is already in progress, I started painting, but I want to wait until I get the stainless steel faucet and the range so that I can show the whole thing.
Before I started painting, I separated the counter top from the rest of the counters, so I can paint it black...

I was so excited to find a date inside the counters!

This kitchen came with the house, so it safe to assume that the house is over thirty years old! That is so amazing to me, that I can renovate something older than myself and maybe my children will play with it some day!
So this is what I am up to now. I am so glad to feel inspired to work on this house again! I also final visited Hobby Lobby, which has a little miniature section, and I got some flooring there and tiles for the kitchen! So hopefully soon, I will be able to produce a before and after...

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  1. can't wait to see your renovated kitchen!