Friday, December 7, 2012

Now onto winter...

I finished my clinical requirements and now can breathe a little easier. Still no time, no strength, and very little inspiration, but I am slowly recuperating. So tonight we clean bit by bit and begin Christmas decorating...
I prefer to keep majority of my Christmas decorations to be related to the birth of our Savior, but I do opt out for a couple of wintery things... I am not fond of Santa Clause though, don't know why...
 And since it is cold now, all of my cute pjs need to be worn with some extra layers... very comfy!
 These two are made by me, they have cinnamon inside of them and it is suppose to be me and Jenya. :)
 We don't decorate much outside, but we do put a wreath on the door and lights on our orange tree.
There is much more to do, hopefully we will gradually get out of the mess, and have a clean and pretty home for the Christmas.


  1. I love you Christmas decoration, especially two silly ginger bred man.