Sunday, December 2, 2012

Love Dare - Day1 Love is Patient

Yesterday I watched this movie called Fireproof that is although not Hollywood, impressed me very much so! It is about a married couple that was falling apart and both of them were done and ready to divorce, they were full of anger and disappointment, until one of them took a challenge from his dad to do what is called Love Dare - it is a 40 day progression of dares to improve your ability to love your spouse based on God's example of His love for us - unconditionally. In the end they both come to find Christ and save their marriage.
Although our marriage is not falling apart, I just know this time comes in everyone's life at least once, to me, divorce is never an option, so I got really interested in this book, because I want to learn to love my husband unconditionally, allowing him to be the imperfect human, we all are.
So I went out and purchased the Love Dare book today. It explains every dare and then gives you that dare - one a day for 40 days. And the very first page confirmed what I have discovered through my own experiences a while ago - it is a very common misconception that we should follow our hearts, but our hearts are easily deceived, so instead we should lead our hearts in the right direction - it is always a choice!
I feel like a lot of time is invested in my education and other interests, but my marriage is the most important thing in my life after God Himself, so how is it that I don't invest enough time into improving it?
So here we go... Day 1.

So far it isn't that hard, even though today is a perfect day to practice patience with my hubby as he is upset with me for something and is very rude to me, but I am in a good mood and rested so it's not hard. I know the time will come though when it will be tough to not respond, not accuse, not hurt back, but I really hope that God will help me teach my heart to be slow to react and anger!

By the way, if anyone is interested in joining me on this journey, please do so, and if you wish, share your own progress with me in the comments... I will be sharing a dare a day for 40 days, that is my plan anyways...


  1. замечательное кино! такое кино нужно добавить в семейную копилку и после смотреть вместе с родными.

  2. I'm in! Even that I'm behind I'll be following your program. I've seen the movie, but wouldn't mind to se it again. The first task would be very difficult for me, but I will try hard.