Sunday, December 16, 2012

Love Dare - Day 9 and 10

Day 9 - Love Makes Good Impressions
This chapter talks about the importance of greeting each other with love throughout the day. Somehow I alway knew it was important. I almost always run to the door when Jenya comes, or make sure I give him a goodnight kiss - things like that are little but matter a whole lot to me. That of course doesn't include the days we are not on the same page. The book, however, encourages to ALWAYS greet each other with a kiss of love.

I do that one every day, so I gave myself a pat on the back. :)

Day 10 - Love is Unconditional
This was a deep one for me. It talks about a love different from friendship or intimacy with your spouse (although those things are important). It talks about the love that you can't fall out of no matter what changes come your way (not counting some extreme ones I guess, but that is not what it's talking about). The book also suggests that of course those who fall in love with how their spouse looks, or acts, or what they do are more likely to fall out of love with them at some point because people change, but unconditional love never fails. The book also suggests that a person who fell in love for the wrong reasons can be restored and redeemed, and their love can be rebuilt. That kind of rebuilt love often is stronger in friendship and intimacy too! What good news! However unfortunately many choose not to fight for their love... So how can one love unconditionally? The answer is they can't. Only God can. But the person can let God love through them, and that is unconditional love through acceptance of God and through preyer.

Before I even have read this challenge I was planning to take my husband on a date (this idea is perfect! It is so much fun to plan these things! Why is this considered a guy thing? why do guys get all the fun?..) I am, however it would have to be somewhere after Christmas due to various arrangements. But I will be sure to share!


  1. Unconditional love is so hard to develop in our hart. And it's shouldn't be. Why conditions can dictate to Love. Love is big, powerful and conditions something temporary, smal insignificant. But it still hard because ou mind sometime fixed on details missing something whole.

  2. Greeting is a task I have to work on. We don't have it as a system and I always thought it's important. So it's encourage me to work on it.