Friday, December 7, 2012

Gilcrease Orchard

Before I go into Christmas and winter frenzy, I have to pay my dues to the Fall. Right before the Thanksgiving we went to the local orchard to pick up some fresh sweet potatoes, reddish  and pumpkin, apples, and honey.
Of course we had fun running in the sun, smelling the wet soil and the manure, riding on  the outside of the car, petting all the animals (especially Donny), and throwing rotten pumpkins around.
Although this post is  very late, it is a nice refresher of the fun time we had together.
We couldn't find apples anywhere - they were all picked - until we came to the spot where they had bee hives, and nothing was picked there, because everyone was afraid of the bees. I was too, but I wanted apples too much!
The petting zoo was Donny's paradise, I am sure all the animals couldn't wait till we would get our of there. :)


  1. What is this thing Donny got from there? Looks like aliant egg to me. I'm afraid to cut it open. It has veins all over... Yak!!!

  2. And also I can't understand the last picture. Kind of out of scale. Ether horse too small or turtle too bid???

    1. It's actually both. It's a pony and a huge turtle

    2. Boy, you sure got in a weird place. Do they have any two headed monkey there?