Friday, December 28, 2012

Sketching a tree

I am trying to draw a little bit every day. I really feel like the biggest part of it is practice. I am trying to achieve two things - understand perspective, shapes and shadows, and practice various strokes.
I also feel like knowledge is part of it too. There are tricks that I am learning, that really help understand the concepts a lot better.
So today I finished my one point perspective drawing... Here is a video that really helped me in this...
I also watched this video by the same author that inspired me to try and draw a tree. I really felt like I did a whole lot better than I ever did! I just drew one from my head and I feel like it was a good practice for shape and shadows.
The third thing I did was just listening to some music and drawing non stop with various strokes. It was fun and I am practicing to have a steady hand.
All of this is baby steps, but I see some progress. Not so long ago, my level of drawing was about third grade, so I've got room for improvement there. Just thought I would share, because I know nothing about drawing and now I am trying to self teach myself a bit. This is to monitor my progress and hopefully to show that anything is possible! :)

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  1. You are doing a great progress, it is amazing.