Monday, December 24, 2012

Date night with my handsome husband

Today it finally happened - I took my Jenya on a date. It was planed about a week ago, but we kept putting it off for other things. So today I made reservations and after last Christmas shopping, we went straight to our date. It was a surprise for him, although he was driving, I just told him where to go. We ate sushi and then went to the movie theatre to watch the Hobbit. It was so nice to talk and eat and then watch a movie together, and most of all just spend time together. My husband is so handsome and so fun to be with, I am a lucky girl!
I didn't take my camera with me so the only camera we had was Jenya's phone. We are silly on this photo, granted, it's not one of our best ones, but I love it because it is a reminder of the greate time we spent together.

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