Sunday, December 2, 2012

Little happies

One of my favorite things to do is to go shopping with my mommy. Not only is she the best company for that but she also often ends up paying for many of my things! Love you, mom! So today I finally got out to buy a couple of things that I really wanted. I have many hobbies, including many crafts, reading, drawing, photography and all kinds of things, so I have many wants and some of them are small, and some are large... So I get happy equally for all things from my want list - big or small. Today my mommy got me a couple of the smaller things I wanted.
I got The Hobbit book, so I will attempt to read it before the movie comes out, I also got a sketch pad and a couple of softer pencils and I am determined to practice sketching and calligraphy, I also got this book called Love Dare that I will talk about in a separate post, a frame for my little cross stitch nativity scene, and a little drift wood nativity set, and this huge mug with Christmas winter pictures on it that I couldn't pass. I am happy as a clam - it's like Christmas is already here! Now just to finish my paper for school so I have time to play with all these little gifts!
Thank you, mommy!

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