Monday, December 3, 2012

Love Dare - Day 2 Love is Kind

Day 2 - Love is kind

Well, it was a bit difficult to figure out what to do as I am literally in school all day, but I got up earlier and made us a breakfast. Nothing big just eggs with sausage and mushrooms and some hot tea. He ate it quickly cause he was late to work, but he is still upset with me for something. I'm not even sure what now... But it's ok, the amazing thing is that I don't even care if he is nice or mean, I just love him the way he is at the moment. I hope this feeling will continue growing. Of course I know that he at some point will forgive me and will be back to his own loving self. So far so good, I think. And I didn't say anything bad to him today either, but then again, we have not spent that much time together either...

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  1. Improving your ability to love is definitely more rewording that trying to change someone. I like this approach. I'll try it Monday.