Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Enjoy YOUR winter!

Today was the last day of my third semester in Dental Hygiene program. It was a bit of hell, but it. is. done! Done, I tell ya! So what to do now?.. Well here is my list:
Read favorite book (The Hobbit at the moment)
Practice drawing
Finish some projects
Go Christmas shopping
Clean up the house
Eat hot chicken noodle soup
Drink hot chocolate
Go somewhere wintry
     -Make a snowman
     -Go sledding 
Take more photos
Get an upper back massage
Sleep in (!)
Hang out with my friends
Drink tea and chat with my mommy
Cuddle with hubby in the mornings
Listen to favorite music all day long
Admire our Christmas tree

Can it be true? Yes, MY winter begins! My lovely, cold, snowy winter begins! Today!

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