Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Love Dare - Day 7

So I took one more day to try and do the dare from Day6 and it turned out better, possibly due to the fact that we only saw each other for part of the day... So I gave myself permission to move on to the next day...
Day 7 - Love Believes the Best
This chapter is amazing! It talks about two rooms in our heart the Appreciation room and the Depreciation room. One is full of great memories, things we like in our spouse, things we appreciate. The other one is full of hurt, embarrassment and even hate, in this room we plan our next plan of attack, and even ask questions like "did I marry the right person?". Staying in this room destroys marriages. Yet we so often run to that room when we are hurt by our spouse. The book makes it very clear: love knows about this room, it doesn't deny the fact that it exists, but it chooses not to go there. The only reason you should glance in the Depreciation room is to know how to pray for your spouse. And the only reason you should ever go in this room is to write "COVERED IN LOVE" in huge letters across the walls.
Amazing, right? I know exactly what they are talking about! I would highly recommend to anyone to purchase this book and read in more detail.
So here is the dare...

I made my list, and neither of the categories were hard to fill...
1. Long eyelashes
2. Beautiful eyes
3. Very manly
- doesn't speak a lot
- takes responsibilities
- has strong core
- is strong physically
4. Funny
5. Kind
6. Honest
7. Genuine (never tries to appear something he is not)
8. Caring
9. Patient
10. Loving
11. Tactful

The negatives I will keep to myself for now... But there weren't as many as positives.

Making this list just confirmed what I already concluded some time ago. He can be difficult, but things that I fell in love with, go hand in hand with the ones I am not so crazy about. He is a perfect example of my understanding of what a man in an image of God should be and his stubbornness and lack of flexibility, and the fact that he doesn't share his feeling as much, and doesn't write me poems is a part of his manliness... I don't know if it makes sense at all...
I forgot about the dare and complimented my husband on how caring he is and on his beautiful eyes, so I guess that counts.


  1. Oh Nastya, your list sounds wonderful! I am sure he is just the best guy for you. I love how you put long lashes on top of the list:)!

  2. This image of two rooms is so strong, I can visualize it. I will try to keep it in my mind to keep myself away from depreciation room.